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Imagine sending your past due patient to "collections" where they are treated with respect, and the relationship you've built with them is maintained. I partner with your patient to successfully collect the amount they owe by structuring a repayment plan and researching possible funds available to them.

Creative repayment options, NO write offs, maintain dentist's pricing integrity

 Charaty's Experience/Qualifications

  • Masters degree in Health Administration MHA, focus on budgeting for health-centered businesses and patient retention

  • Successful collection of $2.5 million from accounts OVER 180 days past due

  • Six years facilitating EMR training, including scheduling, billing, payment and reporting functionality to HUNDREDS of dentists, office managers and staff from all across the nation

  • Oversee accurate billing setup of providers, including TIN, Taxonomy and all contracted insurance networks

  • Extensive knowledge of dental billing practices, current ADA procedure codes and CDT requirements, insurance claim submission

  • Advanced principled negotiations

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