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Who's The Kid?


Sure I could have used stock photos of perfectly coiffed hygienists set in a sterile dental office. But where's the fun in that?

This is my son, he's 12. We go on adventures together.


So far this year we've skied/snowboarded at Sundance, Brighton and Snowbasin resorts. Over spring break we visited some incredible sites in Washington DC. As soon as school let out, we took a quick road-trip to Zion National Park where we hiked Angel's Landing. He might even answer the phone when you call.

Imagine having extra time and resources for your own adventures!

Call and we'll immediately begin collecting on your past due accounts and solving billing issues so you're free to do JUST that.

How's your A/R?

We can help!

  • Dental billing/invoicing

  • Collections

  • Refer A Friend credit

  • NO credit score dings

  • NO write offs

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